Grant Equipment for Students (CSG)

What is the CSG PROGRAM?

The Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities (CSG-PDSE) is designed to help students overcome educational barriers that are caused by their disability. Students who have permanent disabilities or chronic medical conditions that create barriers to their post-secondary education may be eligible to receive the CSG-PDSE. The CSG-PDSE can provide funding of up to $20,000 for services and/or equipment through an Appendix 8 application for each year an eligible student is enrolled in an approved academic program. The purpose of this grant is to enable students with disabilities to purchase assistive technology (equipment) and to pay for support services (such as tutoring or note-taking) that help them to access their studies in a way that reduces the impact of their disability.

Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible for the CSG-PDSE if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a resident of British Columbia.
  • You are currently enrolled in a public or private post-secondary institution.
  • You have a permanent disability or a chronic medical condition that significantly restricts your ability to perform the daily activities required to participate fully in post-secondary studies.
  • You have demonstrated financial need for full-time or part-time studies.

How to Apply

  1. Download the Appendix 8 application forms  from the StudentAid BC website.
  2. Contact the office supporting students with disabilities or the financial aid officer at your post-secondary institution for guidance completing the Appendix 8 application. A school official must sign the form.
  3. include proof of course registration.
  4. include medical documentation detailing your permanent disability and its impact on your schooling. If your medical documentation is more than three years old, have your doctor complete SECTION 4: VERIFICATION OF PERMANENT DISABILITY in your Appendix 8 application.
  5. If you are applying for assistive technology, mail the completed application and supporting documentation to Assistive Technology BC, who will work with you and the office supporting students with disabilities at your institution to develop an Individualized Technology Action Plan.

Visit the StudentAid BC website for more information on program eligibility requirements, application instructions, and to download the required forms.