Loan Equipment for Schools (PILAT)

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  • XamboX

    Funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training’s PILAT initiative, XamboX is intended to help public postsecondary institutions in British Columbia meet their duty to provide exam accommodations to students with disabilities.Logo: BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training

    The idea behind XamboX is simple: provide students with the familiar accessibility tools they already use on a daily basis, on a stable, exam-ready computer platform. XamboX cannot connect to the Internet. Any changes made to XamboX configurations during a session are erased when the computer is restarted: after safely transferring a student’s exam files to a removable drive, invigilators only need to restart the computer to reset its configuration, making XamboX ready for the next exam session!

    Current Status

    The XamboX project is currently operating at maximum capacity, but units may become available from time to time. To add your institution to the XamboX waitlist, simply contact ATBC via email (, citing your institution’s interest in XamboX.

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