Loan Equipment for Students (PPL)

  • Access to Technology (A2T) Laptop Loan Program
  • Access to Technology (A2T) Laptop Loan Program

    We are pleased to announce the availability of a new Public Postsecondary Loan (PPL) option for students who need a laptop to participate in their post-secondary studies.  The Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction has provided the PPL program with several Lenovo ThinkPad laptops through their Access to Technology (A2T) program with the intention to distribute these laptops through the PPL loan bank service.

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    We are making these PPL-A2T laptops available through a fast-track process intended for those students who need a computer but who do not need any additional or customized assistive technology through PPL.  The laptops will be provided as a pre-configured system that includes Microsoft Office.

    How to request a PPL-A2T Laptop Loan

    You Should Know the Following About the PPL-A2T Fast-Track Service

    • Medical documentation is not required for the PPL-A2T laptop loans.  As the sponsoring campus representative, you are declaring that the student is registered with your disability services department.
    • The only option through this fast-track processing option is the pre-configured PPL-A2T laptop.
    • Submitting the new PPL-A2T Laptop Loan Request Form along with the regular PPL Application form is what triggers the fast-track service.  Do not submit the PPL-A2T form if the student needs additional PPL services.
    • After we receive the complete PPL application, PPL-A2T Laptop Loan Request Form, and enrollment verification, we will ship out the pre-configured laptop to the student as there is no consultation or needs determination service available through the fast-track service.  The assumption is that the PPL-A2T laptop is the only technology being requested.
    • The limited supply of the PPL-A2T laptops will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Should the student need technology in addition to the pre-configured PPL-A2T laptop, then the student would need to apply for the regular PPL services.
    • Students who are currently receiving regular PPL services are not eligible for this fast-track service.
    • Students receiving a PPL-A2T laptop are welcome to apply for full PPL services should they later need additional assistive technology supports.

    For more information about PPL-A2T, contact