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The Basics

Mac Quick Tips External link

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Mac Accessibility

ATMac: Assistive Technology Blog for Apple and Mac Users External link

MS Office for Mac

Accessibility Features for MS Office for Mac External link

"People use Office in many different ways, depending on their preferences and goals. That's why Mac OS X universal access features can be so useful. Features such as Text to Speech, zoom, and keyboard shortcuts provide you with flexibility to see, hear, and control Office applications, in the ways that work best for you..." more about accessibility with MS Office for Mac External link

Create a Text and Audio Notebook in Word 2008 External link

"Do you need to take notes in a meeting or a class? In Word 2008, you can create an electronic notebook to capture your thoughts and ideas in text or audio format by using notebook layout view..." more about creating Notebooks in Word 2008 for Mac External link


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