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Canada Student Grant (CSG)Logo:  StudentAid BC

The Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities (CSGP-SEPD) is a grant that is available for eligible students with permanent disabilities in postsecondary courses who qualify for financial assistance through Student Aid BC and require assistive technology to minimize disability related barriers. Eligible students may use this grant to pay for assistive technology and related training and technical support.

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Public Postsecondary Loan (PPL)Logo: BC Ministry of Social Development

The Public Postsecondary Loan (PPL) program provides assistive technology on a loan basis. Students with permanent disabilities who are attending a public postsecondary institution within BC may be eligible for this service. PPL program participants can borrow assistive equipment and software, and access related services such as training and technical support, while enrolled in classes.

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