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Program for Institutional Loan of Assistive Technology (PILAT) supports public post-secondary institutions in meeting their duty to accommodate students with disabilities by providing access to supplementary technology resources. PILAT is a provincial loan bank of adaptive equipment that is administered by ATBC and available to public post-secondary institutions in BC.

In What Ways Can ATBC/PILAT Support Schools?

Through PILAT, ATBC can supplement existing institutional resources as extraordinary issues arise. This is accomplished by providing access to technology support, consultation, and expertise to public colleges and universities. Our infrastructure also allows us to offer bulk pricing options for certain institutional purchases.

PILAT can be accessed through the following referral types:

  • Interim Loans. This short term loan (typically 4 months or less) allows an institution to access assistive technology under the following conditions:
    • the institution is pursuing funding for that equipment;
    • the institution already owns equivalent technology, but it is undergoing repair;
    • the institution has ordered equivalent technology and is awaiting its arrival; or
    • the institution wishes to test the suitability of the technology before committing to purchasing it.

  • Low Utilization Loans. The purpose of this referral type is to provide assistive technology loans when outright purchase of the equipment by the institution is not feasible because the technology is rarely required at the institution.

  • Consultation, Purchase and Training. PILAT referrals of this type allow an institution to access assistance in purchasing and configuring computers with assistive software, as well as training for institutional staff.

  • Donation of equipment in the PILAT loan bank is sometimes an option.

How can Institutions Apply?

Public post-secondary institutions can apply for assistive technology by sending a complete PILAT Application PDF to ATBC.


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