Programs: Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities (2003-2012)

Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities (2003-2012)

The Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities (EPPD) ended on March 31, 2012, and ATBC would like to thank its many partners, including the Ministry of Social Development External link and the EPPD Service Providers, for the opportunity to help improve and enhance accessibility for EPPD Participants who have disabilities during the life of the EPPD. ATBC would also like to thank the many Participants who worked so hard to achieve their individual working and training goals.

From 2003 to April 2012, the EPPD (a Ministry of Social Development External link program initiative) provided a range of specialized services to help individuals with disabilities participate in their communities, pursue their employment goals, increase their self-reliance, and build skills and experience to improve access to employment opportunities. Services to EPPD Participants were delivered by contracted EPPD Service Providers throughout the Province of British Columbia.

History of ATBC's Role in EPPD

During the life of the EPPD, ATBC played an important role in supporting the needs and goals of the EPPD Service Providers and EPPD Participants by coordinating a Provincial loan bank of assistive technology and by providing technology-related services to EPPD Participants. These services included:

  • Conducting assistive technology assessments of the Participants' disability-related needs in the context of their vocational or training environments.
  • Recommending the most effective assistive technology accommodations to Participants' working/training needs.
  • Providing loans of assistive technology to Participants for short-term evaluation or long term use.
  • Providing training and ongoing support for the loaned assistive technologies.

Benefits & Outcomes

During its nine year involvement with EPPD, ATBC delivered technology-related services to approximately 2400 Participants. Those Participants represented a diverse sampling of British Columbians with a wide range of permanent disabilities, living throughout the Province.

ATBC was able to provide equitable levels of service to its EPPD Participants thanks to ATBC's program model: access to a centralized Provincial loan bank of assistive technology, combined with ATBC's technology assessment and related services, enabled Participants to evaluate assistive technologies based on the recommendations based on the expert recommendations by ATBC's specialist team of Technology Coordinators. Employers also benefited from the flexibility of this loan bank model as they could evaluate the value and effectiveness of the technology under real-life working conditions before committing to costly assistive technology purchases. The flexibility of the EPPD loan bank model allowed ATBC to respond readily to changes in Participants' disability- or work-related needs.

To ensure that Participants maximized the utility of the recommended assistive technologies, ATBC offered Participants flexible opportunities to access specialized and individualized training, as well as on-going technical and upgrade support.

After EPPD(1): Employment Program of BC and WorkBC Employment Service Centre

Job seekers who have permanent disabilities can now turn to the Employment Program of BC External link. Funded by Canada-BC Labour Market Development Agreement External link, this program replaces four Provincially funded employment programs, including EPPD. Individuals can access the services of the new Employment Program by contacting a WorkBC External link Employment Service Centre (ESC) External link in their area.

While this transition marks the end of ATBC's Provincially funded loan bank of assistive technology, individuals can now access ATBC's assistive technology -- and related services such as assessment and training -- on a fee-for-service basis, either privately or through referral by WorkBC External link Employment Service Centre (ESC) External link.

After EPPD(2): Public Postsecondary Loan-bank (PPL)

Individuals with permanent disabilities who are enrolled at a public postsecondary institution within BC can continue to access assistive technology through ATBC's loan bank under the new Public Postsecondary Loan (PPL) program. Students with assistive technology needs should contact their institution's Student Services or Disability Services office for more information about how to apply.

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