Programs: Assistive Technology at Work

What is AT@Work Professional Development?

AT@Work PD provides resources such as personal training, online tutorials, and web-based seminars to help working persons with disabilities learn skills such as using spreadsheets, shared calendars, email, databases, and other office applications through assistive technology.

AT@Work PD is funded through the Ministry of Social Development External link and the service is provided at no cost to the employee or employer.

Who is Eligible for AT@Work PD?

AT@Work PD is available to anyone who:

  • is using assistive technology at work;
  • requires specific training with assistive technology in order to participate more fully in job related tasks; or
  • believes that additional skills and strategies in applying assistive technology on the job would allow for better career advancement.

How Can I Apply?

Submit a completed AT@Work PD Application PDF to ATBC.

For more information on how the @WORK Professional Development program can help you, please contact ATBC via:

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